Monday, August 17, 2009

More pictures...

Here are some more pictures from my aunt's camera...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Camping Trip

This past week we went to Shaver Lake for our annual camping trip (although last year we didn't make it since the triplets were too little). So this was the first year that we had all the kids up there. I have been going since I was little so it is neat that now I am taking my own family up there. We had a lot of fun but it was a also a lot of work camping with 4 under 4! The first night was the worst, I think the babies cried for what seemed like the first hour in the tent, but each night after got better. And actually the fifth and last night they all slept through the whole night!! Here are a lot of pictures of the week!

We left super early in the morning...

Happy Campers....(until that night!)
Around the campfire the first night...

Kayla telling ghost stories...haha
My dad & Riley
Kayla loved wearing the life vest.

My nephew Luke and cousin Jenna
Brian & Joey

My dad taking a nap inside the play yard...this was where you could find him most of the week. :)
Lindsay and her cousins

Me & Riley
Me & Lindsay

Joey also loved the vest...
Good morning!

Brian trying to make her a tomboy...
But I took care of that fast... :)
Me & Brian
Brian and his sister

Joey wearing daddy's hat
Karen on her phone and Riley playing with the camera...too cute!
Riley was like putting a cat in water...she did not want to go on the sand without her shoes on!
Jenna & Kayla
My dad put Joey to sleep with a ride on the Sea-Doo
By the campfire night #2

The third day we took a break from going to the lake and Lindsay and I went horseback riding...

Me water much fun!

Karen trying to water ski for her first time...

Joey driving the Sea-Doo :)
Joey taking after his grandpa...

The kids eating their nectarines...
The kids driving back from the lake after day #4...they were wiped out!